We get you... ...because we are you.

We get you…
…because we are you.


If you’re like us, you’ve tried dozens of weight loss programs. You’ve tried starving yourself, carb-free, gluten-free, and all the trendy diets, but nothing worked. You may have even tried risky stimulant pills or unregulated concoctions that made you feel terrible. Your weight may have gone down only to bounce right back up.

We are different. Other diet programs rely on will-power. QRx is a biologic breakthrough medication. Our proprietary formula includes the compounded version of an FDA-approved medication, SEMAGLUTIDE, that is truly going to change your life.

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No Special Diet, No Ridiculous Exercise, No Excuse

No Special Diet, No Ridiculous Exercise, No Excuse

You don’t have to have that one last epic meal, because we aren’t going to tell you what you can and cannot eat. No cleaning out your fridge, or psyching yourself up in an effort to magically prepare yourself for a diet battle. You can simply start. It’s going to be a gentle and incredible change. If along the way you naturally and effortlessly learn when you feel full, have more energy to move your body, and love the skin you’re in, then we’ll take that as a major win.

No major life changes required!

No easier way to lose weight

That’s right. We don’t need to coach you, motivate you, or tell you to think positive thoughts. You don’t even need to change your exercise routine. QRx weight loss is a once a week injection that will help you lose 15-20% of your body weight without the hassle.

QRx is a blend of Semaglutide and Fat-Burning Amino acids.

  • It is not habit forming
  • It is not a stimulant
  • It is safe and effective

  • It naturally reduces your appetite
  • It improves your metabolism
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GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Treatment

A More Affordable SEMAGLUTIDE Rapid Weight Loss Option!

Average Monthly Cost $499

Average Monthly Cost $1400

Average Monthly Cost $1600

You have nothing to lose but the weight!

You have nothing to lose but the weight!

Our founding physician has partnered with a team of board certified anti-aging pharmacists, and spent endless hours compounding and evaluating various formulations. We have created the best, most effective in clinical results, highest patient satisfaction formula you’ll find on the market.

Lose up to 20% of Your Body Weight
Increase Energy Level Up To 60%
Improve Your Eating Habits by 50%
Lose up to 6 1/2 off Your Waist
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The QRx Difference

Until now GLP-1 medications were only accessible via prescription for patients with excessive morbid obesity or diabetes. You may have seen ads featuring similar products, but a little research uncovers costs of over $1500/ mo. and insurance rarely covers these drugs. We believe these breakthrough treatments should be accessible to everyone, which is why we developed our own proprietary formula that gives our patients the same or better results than the name brands. We are not just another website writing you a prescription. Our monthly service fee includes all clinic visits and your prescription drug injections.

No insurance billing, no hassle!


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All Inclusive SEMAGLUTIDE Injection Treatment!

  • GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Treatment

  • Most Affordable Semaglutide Weight Loss Prescription

  • One Monthly Payment with No Hidden Costs!

  • Best Private Pay Option on the Market!

  • A Perfect Option for Those 65+!

QRx Weight Loss + MegaBurn

  • Our most popular option: 4 injections of QRx weight loss blend and 4 injections of MegaBurn. The best way to jump start your metabolic health.

QRx Weight Loss

  • Our second most popular option: 4 injections of QRx weight loss blend. Control your hunger, drop the extra weight.

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